Aim & Scope

Aim & Scope:

Our philosophy is to map new frontiers in emerging and developing technology areas in research, industry and governance, and to link with centers of excellence worldwide to provide authoritative coverage and references in focused and specialist fields. The journal presents its readers with broad coverage across all branches of Engineering, Management, Spirituality and Science of the latest development and applications.

All technical or research papers and research results submitted to IJSSBT should be original in nature. Contributions should be written for one of the following categories:

  • 1. Original research
  • 2. Research Review / Systematic Literature Review
  • 3. Short Articles on ongoing research
  • 4. Preliminary Findings
  • 5. Technical Reports / Notes

IJSSBT publishes on the following topics but NOT LIMITED TO:

# Subject Topic
1 BioTechnology Molecular Biology
Genetic engineering
Microbial biotechnology
Plant biotechnology
Animal biotechnology
Marine biotechnology
Environmental biotechnology
Biological processes
Industrial applications
Biochemistry of the living cell
2 Chemical Engineering Energy Audit
Production Technical Knowledge
Novel treatment processes for wastewaters
Land reclamation methods
Solid waste treatment
Anaerobic digestion
Landfill issues
Leachate treatment and gasification
Water and Wastewater Minimization
Mass integration
Emission Targeting
Pollution Control
Safety and Loss Prevention
Conceptual Design
Mathematical Approach
Inorganic Chemistry
Physical Chemistry
Chemical Physics
Chemical Engineering
Wastewater treatment and engineering
Heavy metal remediation
Pinch Technology
Organic Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry
Biological Chemistry
Industrial Chemistry
Agricultural & Soil Chemistry
Petroleum Chemistry
Polymers Chemistry
Green Chemistry
3 Civil Engineering Construction Management, and Material
Structural mechanics
Soil mechanics and Foundation Engineering
Coastal engineering and River engineering
Ocean Engineering
Transportation Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Water Resources
Hydraulic and Hydraulic Structures
Fluid-solid-structure interactions, offshore engineering and marine structures
Constructional management and other civil engineering relevant areas
4 Computer Engineering and Information Technology Information Systems
Intelligent Systems
Information Technology
Language and Search Engine Design
Data Mining and Web Mining
Cloud Computing
Distributed Computing
Telecommunication Systems
Artificial Intelligence
Virtual Business and Enterprise
Computer Systems
Computer Networks
Database Systems and Theory
Knowledge Management
Computational Intelligence
Simulation and Modeling
Scientific Computing and HPC
Embedded Systems
Control Systems
5 Electrical Engineering High Voltage Insulation Technologies
Electric Power Generation
Transmission and Distribution
Power Electronics
High Voltage Apparatuses
Lightning Detection and Protection
Power Engineering
Electrical Machines
Instrumentation and control
Power Quality & Economic
Renewable Energy
Electric Traction, Electromagnetic Compatibility and Electrical Engineering Materials
Power System Analysis, SCADA and Electrical Measurements
5 Electronics and Tele-Communications Engineering 3D Vision
Graph-based Methods
Image and video indexing and database retrieval
Image and video processing
Image-based modeling
Kernel methods
Model-based vision approaches
Motion Analysis
Non-photorealistic animation and modeling
Object recognition
Performance evaluation
Segmentation and grouping
Shape representation and analysis
Structural pattern recognition
Structural pattern recognition
Computer Graphics Systems and Hardware
Rendering Techniques and Global Illumination
Real-Time Rendering
Fast Algorithms
Fast Fourier Transforms
Detection and Estimation of Signal Parameters
Signal Identification
Spectral Analysis
Filter Design and Structures
Adaptive and Clustering Algorithms
Fast Fourier Transforms
Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality
Geometric Computing and Solid Modeling
Game Design and Engine Development
3D Reconstruction
GPU Programming
Graphics and Multimedia
Image Processing
Interactive Environments
Software and Web accessibility
Graphics & Perception
Computational Photography
Medical image processing
Pattern recognition and analysis
Image coding and compression
Face Recognition
Super-resolution imaging
Image segmentation
Face recognition
Radar Image Processing
Sonar Image Processing
Signal Identification
Signal Reconstruction
Filter Design
Adaptive Filters
Multi-channel Filtering
Noise Control
Control theory and practice
Wavelet Transforms
Digital Signal Processing
Mobile Signal Processing
Statistical Signal Processing
Optical Signal Processing
Data Mining Techniques
Motion Detection
Content-based Image retrieval
Video Signal Processing
5 Management Accounting and Finance
Operations Management
Human resource management
Management Strategy
Information technology
Business Economics
Public Sector management
Organizational behavior
Research methods
5 Management Fluid mechanics
Heat transfer
Solid mechanics
Refrigeration and air conditioning
Renewable energy technology
Materials engineering
Composite materials
Marine engineering
Petroleum and mineral resources engineering
Textile engineering
Leather technology
Industrial engineering
Operational research
Manufacturing processes
Machine design
Quality control
Mechanical maintenance
5 Science Computation
Approximation theory
Systems control
Differential equations and dynamical systems
Financial math
Fluid mechanics and solid mechanics
Functional calculus and applications
Linear and nonlinear waves
Numerical algorithms
Plasma physics
Semiconductor science and technology
Wireless and optical communications
Materials science
Energy and fuels
Environmental science and technology
Numerical analysis
Operations research
Probability and stochastic processes
Wavelets and wavelet transforms
Inverse problems
Artificial intelligence
Neural processing
Nuclear and particle physics
Physics in medicine and biology
Combinatorial chemistry
Natural products
Molecular therapeutics
Cement and concrete research,
Crystallography and
Computer-aided materials design
Computational and industrial mathematics and statistics, and other related areas of mathematical sciences
5 Spirituality Techno-Spiritual aspects of development
Relevance of Science & Spirituality in decision & Policy making
Rigors in Scientific Research & Insights from Spiritual wisdom
Dividends from Scientific research & Spiritual Temper
Spiritual Wisdom in disaster management